Who is Clelia?

Hey! I’m glad you are on this page to find out more about me. This website is entirely dedicated to YOU, but to be able to trust my advice you need to know a little more where I’m from and who I am, right? 🙂

As you can see from the title, my name is Clelia, and it’s a pleasure to virtually meet you! I was born in Cagliari – the Sardinian capital and I lived with my family in Assemini, a town 20 minutes away  from Cagliari which (lucky me) is 10 minutes by car from the main Sardinia airport “Cagliari-Elmas”

I come from a fairly poor family, and we couldn’t afford any real holidays abroad, but I’m happy now: thanks to this we have explored every corner of our beautiful island. So it goes without saying that I know Sardinia very well and I love it to pieces. You must know that Sardinians are very proud of their roots and I am certainly no exception!

My Life before All This

At 19, I left my island to study at the University of Turin, then I found a job in Rome and, at the age of 30, I moved to the UK to learn English.

After 8 months of being an au pair in a small village an hour from London, I finally started speaking correctly and also found a permanent job as a coordinator/manager in the Burberry headquarters.

A dream job for many, but not for me.

I was very unhappy and I did nothing but dream of leaving to get to know the world. One day I realized that life is too short to wait and during a summer vacation in Sardinia I decided that I would quit my job and save enough money to finally be able to realize my dream.

On February 10, 2013, I was on a non-return flight to Thailand. In the meantime, I started a blog for fun, Keep Calm And Travel, and after 10 years of adventures, here I am, a full-time blogger. After 7 years of backpacking, I got married and went back to my roots. As you can see … anything is possible if you really want it 🙂

My family and I, poor but lucky, in Cala Mariolu, one of the most beautiful beaches in Sardinia!Me, My Brother Andrea, Caterina & Marco


sardinia, better than the caribbean!

Tuerredda beach

Why I created This Website

Hey, welcome to my page! I’m still working on the site at the moment, so thank you for your patience as I upload all the content. If you want to know when the site will be ready, you can subscribe to my newsletter here.


A big hug from Sardinia,