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Tours in Sardinia are one of the best way to have a great time in my lovely Island. I have talked about them over and over in basically all my Sardinia articles and also in the comments. Because they truly Rock!  But… It’s not that easy to find the right tour, and booking it online can be tricky, if only to find the best deals and trusted companies.

Being a local, 99% of the times I simply book the tours when I’m here but sometimes, especially when internet wasn’t there yet (Yep I’m quite a dinosaur!) It happened that i had to postpone it because it was fully booked or I had to find another company who obviously ripped me off just because they could see how desperate I was to get a spot for a certain date.

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Clelia Mattana

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Clelia is a proud Sardinian born woman with the mission to make you fall madly in love with her beautiful Island and, with her help, to visit it on your next Holidays! In her spare time, you can find her swimming and watching tennis tournaments!